Explaining the American approach to Afternoon Tea


An American Approach to Afternoon Tea

Tossing the white gloves and adapting this English classic for the American pallet  

What exactly is Afternoon Tea? Basically, afternoon tea gained popularity in England way back in the 1840’s. The ladies of the social elite would take a break from all their fancy activities late-afternoon to enjoy tea and treats. This mini meal consisted of sandwiches (fun fact: these delicately cut sammies are the original finger sandwiches loved by moms on-the-go and their kiddos alike), scones with delicious cream and jam, savory pastries, and sweet cakes. The afternoon snacking was meant to satiate hunger until dinner which was typically around 8pm.

As the British began to colonize America, they brought their tea and snack concept with them across the pond. During this time in American history, tea became a wildly popular drink in the colonies, and tea ceremonies were common among all classes.

Today, afternoon tea can be enjoyed by all…I mean who doesn’t love tea and delicious treats as an afternoon pick-me up? Here are the basics of afternoon tea, American style…

The Basics of Afternoon Tea

·       Keep it simple – The most common version of afternoon tea is called cream tea. This meal consists of tea served with scones, and cream. Classic.

·       Berry it – Add strawberries to your cream tea and poof, you’ve got strawberry tea and with all the farmers’ markets and road side stands in Lancaster County, you better believe the fresh strawberries we sever are lip-smacking good.

·       Make it savory – Needing a little more than just tea and berries? Amp up your afternoon tea break and make a more substantial meal by adding savory delights, like finger sandwiches, mini-quiches, and other treats. This style is more likely interpreted as High Tea. Mix and match sweet and savory options to create your favorite combination.

Afternoon tea has evolved and is not nearly as stuffy as it once was. We’ve tossed the white gloves and fine china, and instead welcome you to enjoy a new take on this English classic. Pop by the café and let us show you how we do afternoon tea, witty banter and all.

Come Create Your Own Afternoon Tea Experience


Moe Boyer